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Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit

Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit

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Elevate Your Outdoor Ambiance with Our Handmade Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit

Discover the perfect combination of craftsmanship, aesthetics, and eco-friendliness with our Handmade Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit, a stunning addition to your outdoor space that burns clean and efficient rubbing alcohol. Designed for those who appreciate artistry and sustainability, this tabletop fire pit promises warmth, charm, and a touch of eco-conscious luxury.

Each of our tabletop fire pits is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring a unique and one-of-a-kind piece that exudes character and quality.
Embrace eco-conscious living with our rubbing alcohol-fueled fire pit. It burns clean, producing no smoke, harmful emissions, or ash, making it a sustainable choice for your outdoor gatherings.

The fire pit boasts a minimalist and contemporary concrete design that effortlessly complements various outdoor aesthetics. Its neutral tones and clean lines make it a versatile addition to any setting. Perfect for small spaces or cozy outdoor areas, our tabletop fire pit is compact and easy to move, allowing you to create an inviting atmosphere wherever you desire. The fire pit is equipped with a secure burner system that prevents accidental spills or flares, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable experience.

Unlike wood-burning fire pits, our rubbing alcohol-fueled fire pit requires minimal maintenance. Simply refill the burner with rubbing alcohol as needed and enjoy hassle-free fires.

Dimensions: 5.5 Inches Wide x 3.5 Inches Tall
Fuel Type: Rubbing Alcohol- 91% or 70%
Burner Capacity: Stainless Steel Cup included in purchase (6oz cup, burn time is between 40-55 minutes)
Weight: 6lbs

With our Handmade Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit, you're not only adding a stunning focal point to your outdoor space but also making an eco-conscious choice that enhances your outdoor experience. Gather around this beautifully crafted fire pit, enjoy its gentle, mesmerizing flames, and relish the warmth of a sustainable fire.

1. Never Leave Unattended: Always supervise the tabletop fire pit while it's in use.
2. Outdoor Use Only: Use the fire pit exclusively in well-ventilated outdoor spaces. Do not use indoors.
3. Keep Flammable Materials Away: Maintain a safe distance between the fire pit and flammable materials, including furniture, curtains, plants, and decorations.
4. Child and Pet Safety: Keep children and pets at a safe distance from the fire pit. Do not leave them unattended near an active fire.
5. Use Only Designated Fuel: Use only the recommended fuel (only use 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol) Do not use gasoline, kerosene, or other flammable liquids.
6. Cool Before Refueling: Wait for the fire pit to cool completely before refueling. Do not add fuel while the fire is still burning or hot.
7. Wind Protection: Use any provided wind guard to protect the flame from strong gusts of wind. Avoid using the fire pit in extremely windy conditions.
8. Proper Ventilation: Ensure there is adequate ventilation in the area where the fire pit is used to prevent the accumulation of harmful fumes.
9. Extinguish Safely: To extinguish the flame, use a designated fire pit snuffer or a metal lid specifically designed for this purpose. Do not use water or attempt to blow out the flame.
10. This product may develop small hairline fractures during the heating and cooling process, but rest assured, these imperfections will not compromise the product's structural integrity.

Since all my products are meticulously hand-poured, it's possible that they may exhibit minor imperfections, such as the occasional presence of air bubbles. The coloring of our concrete products may vary, as each one dries uniquely due to the incorporation of pigments during the process.
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